Sleep Fairy

I am a sleeper and I make it a point to have enough shuteye everyday. Even during weekends, sleep in is a must.

Why? Because I want to have all the power and energy I need while at work. This is my edge. I can proudly say that sleep fairy hardly visits me while at the office. Maybe she knows it’s inappropriate.

Today is Friday and it is expected that my energy reserves would  be spent so I would have to deposit more over the weekend.

But sleep fairy cheated! She called on me without notice and I did not like the feeling of something tugging in my head. My eyes wanted to close and I could not concentrate on my tasks.

It is so frustrating because I do not know how to entertain her. So I retaliated and made a strong brew of coffee  as my way of saying she is an unwelcome guest.

However, I think I am being unfair as I know it’s my fault. I have been turning in late, way too late–because I am catching up on my reading. I cannot abandon a good book, it just doesn’t feel right.

No matter, I shall finish the last  book tonight. Oh, yes, what book? The Hunger Games. I doubt you can say no to that.

Come next week, I’d be friends with sleep fairy again. I will make her promise not to drop by unannounced. Until I discover another reason to cheat, that is.


Copyright 2012, Burns Reveldez. All rights reserved.