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“In 3 days, I would be going home with the person whom I’d be with for the rest of my life.

Tense? Yes? Butterflies in my stomach? Check.

It’s not so much as bringing someone home, for the first time. It’s the fact that I will bring someone of my past who has become my present and definitely, would be my future.

Our story isn’t unique but I know from the start that what we have isn’t ordinary either. I traveled to hell and back, literally.

What is he doing in my present if he belongs in my past? The past caught up with me, it’s that simple.

I cried bucketful of tears, my heart was shattered in countless ways. I felt I will never be whole again.

Looking back, I could say fate was a little cruel but then again, fate has its ways we could never explain. Yet, it has given me back the same person to pick up the pieces with me and made my heart stronger, wiser, bigger, tougher.

In 3 days, the man who tries to give me everything I want, not because I am spoiled rotten, but because I deserve it, would meet my parents.”

This was my blog entry on the 2nd of May. I never had a chance to post it because work has gotten crazy and even getting  crazier.

I have been engaged for 3 months. I still get enthralled by the little sparkling stone–not because I want to brag but rather, I still cannot believe I’d wear one on my finger. If you happen to read my previous posts, you’d understand.

Love is something we would never fully comprehend nor explain in fancy words. We all hear stories, witness love craze friends who have lost their own identities. Who are we to judge the madness, the love, the most beautiful feelings? We can’t & we shouldn’t.

After all, person who has not loved has not lived at all.


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