Imaginary Travels

I came from a not-so-small town but but it didn’t mean I could go wherever I want on a whim. My  family had to work extra hard to make ends meet and going somewhere else was at the bottom of the priority list–take note, priority, which means food comes first. No, I am not complaining, just reliving what was which paved the way to what is. 

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Well, I still cannot go wherever I want in a whim, so to speak, but it’s more probable now, in my imagination at least.

There are lots of places I want to go to and had I been granted with a power to teleport, I would probably have circled the world a thousand times over. You can see why I wasn’t. But, oh, the possibilities.

Century old brick walls or older magnificent structures, inspiring  cultures, the rich history, libraries, museums, sunsets, nature. The limit of my imagination is beyond endless. I would definitely need more than one lifetime and another after that to explore them all. You bet I would.

The truth is, I have only been to a few places and I savor the memories these trips have given me. My rational is quite simple and I know, most of you, chance reader or not, would understand. I cannot afford them. So I plan and I save. One trip at a time.

I long to travel from one continent to the next and I wish to at least fulfill half of it in my time. I would not get another chance, otherwise.

I have friends, acquaintances and relatives in different parts of the world. They will travel and take photos for me. In my mind, I will be with them. I can hear the chorus of laughter, taste the exotic food, marvel at the picturesque view then wonder where we will go next.

I know it’s not the real thing and I may sound mental  but who can blame me. I make do with what I have and practical about it, too.

Soon, this will all be real, I promise.

I just have to continue to work harder and believe me, I shall.

PS. I envy the constant travelers not because they can afford it–only because they were there ahead of me. No matter. I will be there, too.


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