Day of Valour and…Laundry Day


Source: Wikipedia

Today, we celebrate Day of Valour, a national holiday in the Philippines which commemorates the heroism and gallantry of Filipino soldiers who fought alongside American forces to defend Bataan in World War II. (

Bataan is a province of the Philippines occupying the whole of the Bataan Peninsula on Luzon. The province is part of the Central Luzon region (Wikipedia).

If you are required to report to work, you’d probably get paid double. As for me, I wasn’t required but had to work to ensure there are no backlogs. Nope, I don’t get double pay. This is one fact I have long accepted.

Usually, I clock in about 10 hours a day but I guess today is an exemption. I logged out an hour before my  shift actually ended. Don’t worry, I won’t get dress down for this, it’s a holiday, for crying out loud.

Anyway, I was amazed when I got out of the office. The sun was still blazing and the world so bright I had to laugh out loud. I could get used to this.

I got home and prepared dinner.  Cooking helps me keep stress at bay so I make it a point to concoct something everyday, given enough time.

With a full belly, I realized that I wasn’t able to finish the laundry over the weekend. I am queer in a way that I feel satisfied and accomplished when the laundry bin is empty. So I have to attend to it.

Our clothes are dried  through natural means. We cannot afford a dryer anyway.

Seriously speaking, we prefer to dry it under the sun, smells better and lasts longer. It’s always the better option (unless there’s a downpour) because we live in a tropical country.

To sum it up, my holiday became laundry day and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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