Vision and Inspiration

No matter how I looked at it, the fact was clearer than the noonday summer sun: my parents won’t be able to support my college education. I didn’t dwell on this and found a way to have a degree instead.  I literally maid it up.

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The family I was working for allowed me to attend night school. It wasn’t easy because I’m already spent before class and had to brave the rush hour everyday. This went on for 5 long years. I got 1  day off which was Saturdays so I would be giddy on Fridays as it means sleep in the next day.

My grades weren’t bad. I was actually a Dean’s Lister. What’s sad about it was my time was limited and I was not able to join extra curricular activities. I didn’t worry about it much actually, as I had chores to do at my boss’ house anyway. I was just wondering if it would make a big impact on my life. You know, the “might have and could have beens”.

Even before I started school, I had a vision and I knew that my future would be bright. That I wasn’t going to be a maid forever, that I would go places. I was right, of course.

The company I am working for now is my third. I have been employed since 2003, a few days after I graduated. My boss hired me as an Assistant but the needs of my  family became priority so I had to look for a greener pasture.  

To this day, I still feel guilty for leaving them. I know my decision wasn’t wrong because I am now earning more than 4 times compared to what I used to. Had it been a wrong move, fate would have rebelled on me.

Although we do not have communication, I have never forgotten them and I never would, until I draw my last breath. I pray for them, hope for them, dream about them. The family, who was my benefactor, would forever be part of me.

Here’s the thing, I have nothing to prove to my parents nor my friends. I have proven myself when I graduated. However, I owe it to my bosses to do better, to strive, to succeed. My family was my inspiration when I was still studying. My bosses took over the throne when I started working. My job is no longer to clean their toilet bowl, it is to succeed, and more.

I have bigger visions. I plan to help someone finish school, to realize her dream, to make a difference.

When I think about it, now that I am on my way to success, I couldn’t think of a better payback. I am afraid to face the family I have served, I am afraid they’d judge me. But then again, they are good people and I know, they wouldn’t take it against me that I learned to see far, that I grew my wings and spread them. After all, it’s what they were helping me for, to be ready to face the world.

Here I am, bravely doing so. I know, they’d be proud of me.

My vision says, one day, soon, we shall meet again.


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