Good on Good Friday

 I went to church today to thank and appreciate what God has done for us. I didn’t ask for anything, for the first time. I know I ask a for a lot of things but let me share a secret, most of them are not for me.

Anyway, I live in a predominantly Catholic  country so Good Friday is solemnly observed. I skipped breakfast and lunch, I drowned myself in water instead. It’s my little way of showing I can make a small sacrifice because I know, other people make bigger sacrifices everyday. I cannot even the odds but I can contribute a bit.

As expected, the streets were empty and most establishments closed. It was really quiet and the walkways almost deserted.

We saw a boy asking for alms. We gave him loose change and if you could see how happy he was, you’d be moved, too. In fact, he thanked us twice. I wish life is that simple, that we could appreciate the tiniest blessings regardless of its shape, size and form. Sad to say, it isn’t.

Sometimes, we get lost in the sea of ambitions and desires we forget who we are. Yes, it’s human nature, a sad yet accepted fact.

I am not being judgmental as I myself am guilty. I just hope like the others, I am strong enough to refuse temptations.

But wait, I have a valid excuse. I am human after all. I would just like to think that I had been good on Good Friday.


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  1. hanna505
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 19:47:29

    totally loved this post!


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