Graduation Fever

Excitement. Apprehension. Dreams. Relief.


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Graduation–the time of the year when one ends a chapter of his life and begins another. Excitement fills the air because another milestone has been carved and a new journey is about to unfold.

Apprehension wraps the mind of those who are not yet ready to thread the unknown. Little did we know that in the unknown lies a series of mystery and discovery, something that gives color to life, no matter the hue.

The realization of one’s dreams and aspirations are within his grasp. Like a shining star ready to brighten a whole new world. One must remember, however, that not all stars are bright but it doesn’t necessary mean darkness, it just means we have to find the source of the light.

Relief. The most  common word used by many. Why? No more homework or mean teachers or bully classmates or meaner ex and extra mean frenemy. I know you get the gist.

I have a degree but has only experienced graduation twice. I was not a preschooler nor have I experienced kindergarten. I went straight to grade school then prep. I graduated after 6th grade and then when I finished 4th year in high school. That’s it.

Since I was a working student, I didn’t bother attending the ceremony in college. I was thinking then that it was just a waste of time and money. If I can turn back the time, I would still make the same decision.

I respect the graduation rites and all that comes with it. Maybe it just wasn’t my thing. Or maybe I was just too busy making ends meet. I do not know. I have no regrets but it makes me curious but for me, but that’s all there is to it.

Everyone I know have either attended the ceremony or has gone to a post graduation party. After all, it is the beginning of a thousand and one possibilities. The road seems endless. Then the real lesson starts when a graduate steps out in the world where no homework is given but everyone is expected to provide correct answers. Typically, like a different dimension.

My advise? Make mistakes once or twice or thrice or more…that’s the only way to make it right.

Graduates–I salute you.


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